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Creative Film Agency
from Luxembourg

Creative with Video Images and Sound

We like to make video films and (digital) photo books and offer a wide range of services in the field of media at attractive prices. We pursue for high customer satisfaction.

Our Services

Tangible Memories

You may still have stacks of photos and videos lying around somewhere at home or digitally stored in your computer, but you don't have time to do anything with them. Think about the day of the wedding, graduation, neighbourhood party and so on.

Personal presentations

You would like to show a personal video during a wedding, a family reunion, a cosy evening with friends or during the farewell service of a loved one ...

Corporate Videos

You would like to profile your company in a dynamic way. A DVD video film about your company will be a representation of the different aspects that make your company so successful. These videos are also suitable for websites.
Tangible Memories


Corporate Presentation Video

show your company from its best side
starting at

6,500 €

Private Video - filming and cutting

We cover your special event for you. ( Weddings, Anniversary... )
starting at

2,000 €

Existing Photos and Videos - editing

We take care of your best memories and arrange them together for you
starting at

1,000 €

Animations, Motion Capture & VR/AR

Animations, Motion Capturing and Virtual Reality experience.
Unforgettable Events