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About BeSeen Productions

We Love Making Movies

BeSeen Productions is a project of Bert Seen, who has transformed his passion "filming" into a small professional organization. The aim is to provide an excellent service in which quality and involvement are key elements. The highest priority is the customers’ satisfaction.
If you wish to receive more detailed information or if you have a special request, please feel free to contact us
Films preserve the past, show the present and enrich the mind.
Bert Seen

Meet Bert Seen

Bert Seen

Bert Seen is an economist who previously worked in the financial sector. He worked as director/major shareholder of a trust & investment company. However, his heart was in making videos on a wide variety of topics.

Making studio recordings

Depending on the subject, professional assistance will be used. A specially equipped studio, with special equipment and computer programs are used when making presentations.

Editing a film

A professional video film is produced with a wide variety of changing multilingual staff. A lot of try-outs are also made, in order to be applied later on.

We have created the most wide-ranging videos.

Company Presentations


Sports Events

Safari Films